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The Ugly and Overwhelming Consequences of Sexual Immorality

I will be starting a series of posts entitled, “I love the church”  This one will address how, “I love the PURITY of the church.”  Reading this post by Randy Alcorn was clarifying, powerful, and necessary for my purity and the purity of all in the church.  Alcorn summarizes his aim by saying, “If we would rehearse in advance the ugly and overwhelming consequences of immorality, we would be far more prone to avoid it.”  I think that is true and we should seek to apply this list specifically to our own situations so that by the Spirit we might savagely slay this potential idol. Both his article and Pastor John Piper’s article on the numbing effects that TV and movies have on our affections I pray will also guide us into a deeper enjoyment of the one we were created to enjoy with the greatest intensity- Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Fighting with you for personal purity and the purity of the church


Remembering God’s Grace in Getting Mercy Bethlehem

DSC_0855While looking back at some of my past journals I found this journal entry. We were in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia possibly stuck for a few more days and unable to take our girl home because homeland security in Charlotte had a made a mistake on our fingerprints. The cost of staying more days in Ethiopia was not accounted for and the expenses would have been enormous, not to mention we were ready to be with our boys on Father’s Day.  So we find ourselves praying, waiting, aggressively pursuing Congress people, the US Embassy, the adoption agency contacts, etc., for many hours while trying to care again for a new born. Our lives were in such flux and the future so unsure.  So I write…

 Suffering with faith and the support of the church:  June 12, 2008

I have been more bent towards tears than maybe ever before.  I feel tired. Averaging 4-5 hours of sleep a day.  God has kept me fighting for faith, remembering his promises. Quoting Romans 8:28. Pronouncing good over every seemingly sour or difficult turn.

 Oh how the prayers of the saints were felt. Through this our marriage grew stronger. As my wife grew weaker and weaker physically, God gave me a sharper mind in caring for Mercy and a greater willingness to serve her.  Tears of joy flowed from my eyes as I read comments from our church members. Julie Williams reminded us of God’s pursuit of us in Christ as we were having to fight hour after hour, day after day to get Mercy home as scheduled.  God did pursue us, does pursue us, and promises to always keeps us.  What a joy to go hard after something in faith. What Satan wants to hinder, God will ultimately unchain, release, and set free.  We are clawing to be imitators of Christ as he went outside the camp bearing reproach to rescue the perishing.  

Another member wrote from our community group expressing their prayers on our behalf and their willingness to help with any practical concerns.  Then simply reminded me of the gospel… by saying simple yet profound words “We love you and hope to see you this weekend, but know He is sovereign, loving, and uses all circumstances to make us more like Christ.”

Things I have counseled and preached but things that can so easily slip away when the cloud of crisis hits. Things that when you hear them is like sleep after a long hard day and like water to my parched soul.  Thank you God for TCC where the gospel of Christ is central and soothing, God’s sovereignty is loved and embraced, and His Holy Spirit empowers us to do fight against sin and for faith, not only in our own lives but in the lives of others.

Thankful for Christ and His church