What is Your View of God’s View of You?

Here is the final post in this string of blogs on justification.

Question two

“When I hear the diagnostic question (see the post entitled “Justification vs. Legalism”), ‘Do I live believing God is more disappointed with me than rejoicing over me?,” the answer is “Yes.”   But with this statement in mind, how should I rightly think about God’s grief and displeasure over my sin?”


The answer is found with your view of God’s view of you.  How do you view God’s eyes when you sin?  She answered, “I do see God with a scowl more than a smile over me.  Part of that is because I know God is rightly grieved over my sin and I can’t get that picture out of my mind.”

At this point we must make a distinction between a scowl and grief.

God’s view of you when you sin is as a loving Father.  As your Father, he is broken over you choosing a destructive path that is the opposite of His design. But he is broken not angry.

As a dad, my anger toward my children usually comes because I can’t fix the situation or because I am not in control. I get angry because my plans are not being carried out and my purposes have been thwarted (and ultimately because my heart is sinful).

Yet none of this happens to God.  He is a loving Father who delights in his children, who greives over their wayward actions and many times will slow or stop their plans to turn them to himself.  But none of this is with a scowl of condemnation, but through the view of loving Father, who although grieved, will accomplish his purposes and who has already forgiven you in Christ.

Hoping these thoughts on justification strengthen you to live confidently in his justifying grace, gladly in your spiritual growth, and boldly in your witness to the world.


About Sean Cordell

Rescued from my sin by Jesus, husband to Dana for almost 11 years, daddy to Elijah (7), Jadon (5), and Mercy (1), Pastor of Treasuring Christ Church a church plant in downtown Raleigh, NC View all posts by Sean Cordell

One response to “What is Your View of God’s View of You?

  • Josh Kelly

    A great word and reminder. Praise the Lord that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I am thankful to God for you and your example.

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