The Privilege and Passion of Singles

This past Sunday I preached a sermon on 1 Corinthians 7:25-40. Through our study in God’s Word, we heard that “singleness and marriage are both gifts from God.  The problem we face is that we so lust after the next thing or the next person to satisfy us- longing for someone else’s life or someone else’s toys- that we lose sight of the purpose of our life. We are designed for God- designed to find our identity, provision, and rest in him.  In 1 Corinthians 7:25-40 Paul counsels that to live as a single person, you can live for Jesus with more single-minded devotion. So although marriage isn’t sinful and is even a gift, he wants to be clear that it will divide your mind and time from your allegiance to Christ.  In light of your design he encourages you to remain as you are and go hard after Christ.”

Some have requested some of the quotes and lists I gave on Sunday. I hope these are helpful.

We have all at one time or another become member of what Steve Childers calls, “The Cult of the Next Thing.”  We know we are members when we say internally or out loud, “I will be happy when… I get a job, I get money, I am not sick anymore, when my children are healthy, I get married, I get a friend, etc.” 98% of life is process only 2% is the end result that you pray for and hope for.  We must learn to enjoy the process and not just long for the end result. Paul says whether I abound or am in need I am content.  He knew God along the journey and he longs for us to commune with God in the “process” of life.

Elizabeth Elliott- “Don’t let your living for tomorrow slay your living for today.”

“Single folks: the patterns you form now, will be the patterns you take into your marriage. Labor now to be Godly or marriage will crush you!”- Tyler Jones

You don’t fix marriages or any relationship struggle by first trying to fix it horizontally. The change begins vertically.- Paul Tripp.

Finally here are some ways that married couples can serve and care for singles.

  1. Seek to connect singles for marriage with spiritual wisdom and sensitivity. Hook them up in a godly way.
  2. Don’t view them merely as babysitters
  3. Listen to them.
  4. Be there for them to give input into their dating relationships
  5. Invite them over for dinner
  6. Make them a part of your family. Fold them into family devotion time, intentionality with neighbords or fun time at the park.
  7. Encourage them with where you see God at work in them
  8. Serve them remembering there is no division of duties especially for the single women, and even more for the single moms.
  9. Pray for them- for their contentment in Christ,for a future spouse if that is their desire, etc.

Here are some links to listen or download the songs that we sang last week. Take some time to listen and worship God through singing in the everyday!

  • The Father’s Love by Joel Sczebel Listen or Download (Or download the whole album for $5 in the month of February!)
  • Glorious Day Words by J. Wilbur Chapman, Music by Michael Bleecker Listen or Download
  • Nothing but the Blood by Matt Redman Listen or Download
  • In the Shadow of the Glorious Cross by Brooks Ritter and Rebecca Bales Listen or Download

Embracing God’s love and extending His grace with you


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